Year Of The Volunteer (Express magazine)

Year Of The Volunteer (Express magazine) Express magazine wrote: "It started in 1990 with an advert in the local paper for hospital radio presenters. I went along, chatted to the Saturday morning presenter about media generally... and the rest is history. I got my own 20-minute slot, searching my archives for fascinating facts about television. This feature ran for six years, until our main presenter moved on and I took over his role – something I’ve been doing (and enjoying) ever since. What I like most is being able to bring a smile to the patients’ faces. Hopefully, for a short time, I can help take their minds off their problems. There’s so much to think about and things can easily go wrong, but I like the unpredictability and the challenge of dealing with problems as they arise. Quite often in life, your career might not follow the path you’d like it to. Voluntary work can open up new possibilities that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you. Why not give it some thought?"