Steve Lord

Steve Lord

Steve Lord did his first show for Radio Clatterbridge at the age of fourteen.

Now, four decades on, he is still here and still presenting.

He got into broadcasting after listening to Radio One and Radio Luxemberg in the early 1970s and joined Radio Clatterbridge while he was still a schoolboy - our youngest presenter.

"I was too young to get on the air right away but I used to do discos and got involved in being able to work with the presenters and hold the slip matt of the records!" - Steve Lord

It wasn't long before Steve was given his own show, the Friday Fling, and he even made headlines in the local press for taking to the airwaves at such an early age.

Steve has stayed in the local area and is married with one son.

He loves watching football, and spends some of his spare time commentating on LFC's matches for the Merseyside Hospitals Radio Network.

Steve spent seven years as chairman of Radio Clatterbridge, spearheading the move to begin broadcasts on AM (Medium Wave).

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