Ron Berkeley

Ron Berkeley

Ron can usually be found under the mixing desk as wel as  on it.

He's our studio engineer and knows things that us mere mortals can't even begin to understand.

He does, however, also have very good taste in music. So we also let him on the air to share some good tracks (all well-engineered of course!)

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Ron Berkeley's latest news

  • Lighting Up Christmas

    Last year's lights at Wirral Hospice St John's (Credit: John Bates) Radio Clatterbridge will be broadcasting some illuminating programmes this Christmas. Amongst the highlights, listeners will be able to hear the Light Up A Life service from Wirral Hospice St John's.
  • Walkers Have A Blast

    Walkers Have A Blast Radio Clatterbridge volunteers had a blast, quite literally, when they took part in the 2011 Wirral Coastal Walk. The team were on a 15-mile trek to raise money for the station. However, the wind was so bad at one point that they were being blasted by sand as they walked along the north Wirral coastline. Dave Adams, who has now taken part in nine...
  • Extra coffee for Christmas?

    A Christmas tree Radio Clatterbridge has unveiled its festive line-up for 2010. As in previous years, the station will broadcast around-the-clock across Christmas and the New Year. Extra editions of the Clatterbridge Coffee Club will keep entertained those who are unfortunate enough to be stuck in hospital. June Wood and Ron Berkeley will be live in the studio on...