Mike Kinney

Mike Kinney

We all love music. But Mike Kinney lives music.

A decorator by trade, it’s his passion for country that keeps him busy in his spare time.

A bassist and vocalist, Mike has performed at Wembley, played with Billy Jo Spears, met Tammy Wynette and toured with the man who wrote Blue Suede Shoes.

“When I was a member of Liverpool country band the Hillsiders, we toured with Carl Perkins. What a rocker and a great guy he was. A real legend.” – Mike Kinney 

Mike’s passion for country music was probably inevitable given that he was born at the US Air Force Base at Burtonwood, Warrington.

His father, from Florida, was stationed there in the late 1950s and he has relatives in Virginia, Tennessee and South Carolina.

It was in 1981 that Mike played at Wembley in front of thousands on the Johnny Cash Show. Not a bad accomplishment for a 23 year old.

Mike has also worked with Jools Holland’s guitarist Mark Flannigan and steel guitar player Mervin Duffy who has played for Robbie Williams, Jimmy Nail and Paul Young.

He has featured in a number of television programmes over the years, more recently taking part in The City That Rocked The World – a documentary about Liverpool’s musical heritage.

“It’s been a colourful and interesting musical career. Hopefully there’s more to come!” – Mike Kinney

Mike, who lives with his partner Margaret in Wirral, returned to Radio Clatterbridge after an absence of a decade when he was asked to present a specialist programme all about country music.

He spends what spare time he has with his six grandchildren and says he hopes his family would describe him as a nice dad and a nice guy.

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