Helen Craven

Helen CravenHelen Craven first joined the Radio Clatterbridge team as a teenager.

Now a few [cough] years on, she still can't get enough of the place and you can catch her every morning on Early Breakfast.

Musically-minded Helen loves a catchy song - and can also make her own tunes on a trumpet.

She's won a few trophies in her time - for playing poker and for appearing on BBC One's quiz show Pointless.

But Helen wasn't quite as successful on Blind Date - when she failed to even get past the audition!

Born into a family of Liverpool fans, Helen is a die-hard Red and tries to get to as many matches as she can.

When she's not at Anfield or Clatterbridge you can usually find her walking along New Brighton Prom past all her old clubbing haunts...

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