Paul O'Grady pays tribute to us on our birthday

Paul O'Grady has paid tribute to Radio Clatterbridge as we celebrate our 65th birthday.

The Wirral-born entertainer responded to a message into his BBC Radio 2 programme with warm congratulations to our volunteers.

Paul O'Grady (Credit: BBC Radio 2)

One of the biggest names in broadcasting, the 60 year old from Birkenhead told listeners how his sister was a midwife at Clatterbridge.

He even recalled travelling on the number 10 bus to the hospital!

"Radio Clatterbridge congratulations. Happy 65th anniversary and thanks for all the work you've done. Malcolm's going mad because he sees you as competition!" - Paul O'Grady



It was the culmination of a memorable weekend for Radio Clatterbridge.

We celebrated our birthday with a series of special programmes.

Dave Williams (centre) with Paul Johnston, Steve Lord, Dave Adams

The station started when the Port Sunlight Boys' Club first took requests from patients in 1951 using a wind-up gramophone and a box of 78 records.

Dave Williams reprised Mid-Morning Music, our longest-running programme, for the celebrations.

Watch behind-the-scenes interviews about our 65th birthday:


Dave joined the station in 1973 and broadcast on Saturday mornings until 1996.

He was joined by Dave Adams, who joined the team in 1990 and now presents its successor programme.

The pair managed to dig out a number of pieces of archive from the show that haven't been heard in decades.

"We've got a tremendous heritage and there have been some great clips tday that I've certainly never heard before. Some wonderful archive." - Dave Adams, Presenter



Amongst the memories was a piece from 1993 when a then 15 year old Justin Madders signed up to help out collecting requests.

Justin is now the Labour MP for Ellesmere Port and Neston and the Shadow Minister for Health.

"It's refreshing to actually be on a radio station that's older than me. There aren't many of those around!" - Dave Williams, Presenter

Listeners also got the chance to relive chats with some very famous musicians including The Beatles, Cliff Richard and Bill Haley.

They all appeared on the station in the 1960s thanks to one of the world's first celebrity interviewers, Monty Lister.


A founder member of Radio Clatterbridge, Monty revealed to Steve Lord about the stories behind those famous conversations.

He turns 90 later this year.

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